Agustín Mista

I'm a last year Master student in Computer Science at Universidad Nacional de Rosario, Argentina. My academic interests lie between Theory of Programming Languages (especially in Functional Programming) and Software Security among others.

My first approach to the scientific research ecosystem was at my student internship at CIFAFIS-CONICET under the supervision of Gustavo Grieco and Martín Ceresa, where I actively participated improving QuickFuzz, a Haskell written experimental grammar fuzzer able to find security compromising bugs in real world applications and libraries. In particular, I have studied and implemented a technique to automatically derive random value generators of third-party libraries using metaprogramming. During this internship, we also wrote an article submitted to the Journal of Systems and Software, describing the state of the art techniques used and the results obtained in the later stages of development of QuickFuzz. This article is currently under revision.

After finishing my student internship, I kept working at CIFASIS-CONICET where I am doing relevant research to my Master's thesis, related to the structural minimization of bug inducing test cases.

Once I finish my Master in Computer Science studies, I am interested in applying for a PhD. position where I could make active research on the fields of my interest. In particular, I aim to make a progress in how functional programming and software security can converge leading in better and safer systems.

Curriculum Vitae

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